Jade Love

Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

They say,

“It’s always dark in here.”

when they're only skin deep

If they could sink through my pores

They would know laughter

seems to rupture my organs

And no, I am not dying

This is what life is like

Joy so near pain

Death so in love with life

It is a cycle

Too beautiful to be imitated

But people try

They love to walk a thin line

Believing they are daring

When they really are mocking

What can only be seen skin deep



Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash

Earth’s darkest space is where the blessed walk.

Before dawn, 4:00am, the holy hour,

they are moving,

walking on stones to get to sand,

clawing through trees to reach a village,

suffering gracefully.

The sun stretches, covering their toes

and now they are rejoicing,





the dawn and the darkness.



Photo by Douglas Gausi on Unsplash

We bloomed in clusters above the soil,

then bounded in branches

and stretched towards sunlight.

Weather eroded us,

but here we are, in harvest,

producing so much and nothing

shedding and repeating

blooming and busting open

life spills onto the lawn

and we hope that too much fruit

could be plentiful this time around



Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

security has always been like smoke

hard to grasp once it leaves my body

best hold it in, and wait

the first slip always comes through my lips, quivering

gasps reveal repeat offenses,

so I don’t

until I do

when its already too late

and I’m flying across the room



Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

I wouldn’t mind getting full with you,

fat and plump,

greased and satisfied,

beyond capacity,

over indulgent,


I could hibernate off of us,

and enjoy this,

enjoy you,

my favorite meal,

seconds and thirds,

please bring dessert,

leave me off my feet,

round and happy,

sticky and sloppy,

tasting every fingertip,

this is bliss,

this is everything,

and more

and more

and more

and more….



Jade Love

Jade Love

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