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Jane gently glided her nails across her face feeling for pimples. Once a small, fleshy hill caught under her nail, she picked. She picked until blood and puss oozed under her nail beds, then glided her nails across her skin looking for more. The cold air seeped into the open wounds on her face as she sighed at her image in the mirror. Such an ugly and plain girl. All she ever did was go to work and come home and pick her face.

Work wasn’t so bad since she was quite invisible, but she would have liked to have…

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Lou Lou’s lips rested comfortably on Jon’s face the only way a wife’s could. His eyes fluttered open and welcomed a moments gaze upon her face before leaning in for another kiss on the lips.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered into his ear before kissing him again.

Jon laid on his back and stared at the ceiling. Today, he was finally going to climb Saine Mountain, the hardest mountain to climb in Saine City. Jon and Lou Lou climbed for years. It was actually how they met. The importance of climbing exceeded the physical for them. …

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The sun crept over the rooftop showing cracks in the paint on the house. Funny how she saw it now. Before, the paint glossed over the wood perfectly. But now, she could see everything: the cracks, the webs, the dirt. Even the flowers across the lawn seemed a bit droopy. Sydney racked her brain trying to remember when her and B. had stopped caring for the yard as much. Weren’t they always outside? Together? The flowers should have more life than that.

It wasn’t until Jon placed his hand on her shoulder, that she remembered. …

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I knew it was going to happen that day. There was nothing special about the day other than that it was yesterday’s tomorrow and yesterday I knew that day, was the last day. My chest burned and my heart sank into my hips as I sat and waited for her to come in a fury. I knew she would. She was my best friend after all. I saw her coming from my peripheral. Her nostrils flared and she had a switch in her walk.

If this were any other day I would’ve immediately apologized, because I knew why she was…

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It started in the corner of her eye, then the colors began to spread across her face. The trickling sound of the river made Serena’s toes twinge. First it was quiet, then it became increasingly rapid.

“Serena!” her mom called, “It’s time to come inside!”

When Serena didn’t answer, her mom knew she had gone further down to the river bank to stand in its murky water.

Tension sieged Serena’s spine and shoulders as she found herself in a predicament: she could either answer her mother’s calls or explore the river with many colors. …

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Every parent has a favorite kid and if they say they don’t, they’re lying. My mom’s kids from her second marriage are her favorite.

They don’t remind her of her first marriage. In her defense, I feel the same way. My father was a drunk who often used both of us as punching bags.

She eventually dragged us out of there, but in reality I’m still there.

We moved to the country because of me. One last shitty decision landed me in the middle of nowhere in a town that smells like cows. Why couldn’t she just send me to…

Jade Love

I’m just here to share some stories and allow you to escape. Find me on twitter @handydandynotebook

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